Management Team

Prof. Martin Mayfield
 (PI, Sheffield), Professor of Engineering Design has 24 years’ practice as an Engineer at Mott MacDonald and as a Director of Arup. His expertise spans a diverse array of systems engineering, sustainable design, climate change mitigation and adaptation, mission critical systems, city systems and infrastructure interdependencies.

Prof. Liz Varga (Co‐I, Cranfield University), Professor of Complex Infrastructure Systems and Director of the Complex Systems Research Centre. She is an expert in co‐evolutionary systems analysis using complex systems models. She leads the Complex Systems Research Centre researching inter-dependent energy, transport, water and waste, and telecommunications systems.

Prof. Massimiliano Vasile
(Co‐I, Strathclyde) is chair of the IEEE Task force on Computational Intelligence in Aerospace Science, Director of the Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory and of the Stardust Network.

Prof. Alan Purvis (Co‐I, Durham) is internationally recognised for his research in nano‐scale electronics and self assembling and repairing electronic systems.

Dr. Giuliano Punzo
(RA) has a background in complex engineering and autonomous, distributed systems in robotics and aerospace.

Mr Anurag Tewari (RA) has a background in modelling, visualization and interpretation of large complex systems.

Ms. Natalie Pearson is the Project Administrative Officer for ENCORE