ENCORE: the Engineering Complexity Resilience Network+

ENCORE Network+ addresses the Grand Challenge area of Risk and Resilience in Complex Engineered Systems (CES).
CES examples include complex products consisting of many interacting components such as gas turbine engines and complex networks such as the UK’s digital, energy and transport networks.

We lack a coherent understanding of what unifies the complexity of entities such as jet engines, cities and our national infrastructure, and of what tools we need necessary to manage and build CES that exhibit resilience or quantify the risks inherent in such systems.

We shall exploit and synthesise our knowledge of natural and engineered systems, our current theories of complexity and the quantification and management of uncertainty and advanced optimisation techniques in order to develop powerful new tools and new understanding.

Recent News

  • Invitation to Infrastructure and Societal Resilience to Black Sky Hazards 2018 On behalf of UKCRIC, EISC and the ENCORE + Network, we would like to announce the second annual Infrastructure and Societal Resilience to Black Sky Hazards Workshop 2018, 26th February 2018,  9.30 – 16.00 ICE, One Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AA  The second of a series designed to raise the profile of the pressing need for Infrastructure systems and societal, community, institutional structures that are resilient to the impacts of Black Sky Hazards, and foster collaborative approaches to systemic resilience.The workshop will address four interconnected themes of strategic significance to the challenge of creating systemic resilience to black sky hazards: Theme 1 - Minimum Service Levels and Recovery Frameworks  Theme 2 - Strategic Resilience Protocols  Theme 3 - Systemic Resilience a ...
    Posted 21 Feb 2018, 02:05 by Natalie Pearson
  • ENCORE Workshop announcement - Buried Utility Networks Dr Asaad Faramarzi (University of Birmingham) will be hosting our next workshop on buried utility networks in Birmingham on Thursday 11th May. Further information and registration is available here. 
    Posted 2 Mar 2017, 07:06 by Natalie Pearson
  • ENCORE Feasibility Study Call II is now LIVE! ENCORE have now released the second call for Feasibility Studies. Applications close on Monday 3rd April at 12pm GMT. Find out more here.
    Posted 23 Feb 2017, 07:22 by Natalie Pearson
  • *Update* - Relevant Reads Check out our Relevant Reads page which includes 2 new papers on quantitative methods for assessing resilience of interdependent infrastructures and definitions and measures of system resilience. 
    Posted 12 Jan 2017, 01:58 by Natalie Pearson
  • ENCORE workshop on micro-macro resilience Our collaborator Professor Liz Varga (Cranfield University) will be hosting a one day workshop on how micro behavior creates macro resilience using agennt based methods in large sectors on Tuesday 17th January at Cranfield University. Click here to sign up!
    Posted 7 Dec 2016, 07:42 by Natalie Pearson
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